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SHOT SPOT (1, 5 GAL) *** PARISER ***
  • SHOT SPOT (1, 5 GAL) *** PARISER ***

    SHOT-SPOT™ is a highly versatile, all-purpose stain remover. The product can be used both as a pre-spotting agent for wet cleaning and as an additive for cold washing to help in oil removals. It also works on a wide range of materials that includes carpets, upholstered fabrics, and linens. SHOT-SPOT is odorless, ringless, and non-flammable.

    SHOT-SPOT performs nicely on the following stains: • Pet stains • Blood • Food stains • Beverage stains • Candle wax • Makeup • Chocolate • Iodine • Oil stains • Most shoe polishes • Crayons • Grass stains • Catsup/ketchup • Many clay stains


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