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BOWE Multi Solvent, Model: M66, 66lbs

This is one of the BOWE Premium Line Multisolvent machines. This line comes in 3 models: M46, M57, M66. Between these three models, the only difference is drum size.


We are promoting the 66 lb model, the M66, for the price of the M46. 

This machine has drum solvent level sensors so no matter how many pounds of garments you need to clean, the sensor will dictate how much solvent is needed. This means customers can enjoy the benefit of a bigger basket for a faster drying time, thus saving energy and money. 

Also, customers can do 2 loads in the M66 that would require 3 loads in the M46, again saving time, energy and money.

We feel this is an incredible offer that our customers should not hesitate to take advantage of!  

Please call us any time if you have any questions.

Cell: 781-858-1155


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