The new Era of Shirts Press (                  Shirts Press : Mark)

PERENTEC Shirt Press shows the way to next step, not only the name of the best unit now.

With it's elegance, delicacy, and specialty, this Shirts Press represent the age.

We have the maximized the performance and minimized the space.

PERENTEC Shirts Press having a future step from perfection announced new Era of press that no one has ever seen before.

Slim size.

High productivity: 80 units of shirts per hour

The world's first!! BACK BUCK PULL DOWN

The world first!! Able to control the height of Cuffs. Freely controls the angle of sleeve according to the condition of clothes.

Collar Cuff Press that is attached to one body minimized workload. (About 10 Shirt more per hour)

Able to choose size of shirts.

Operation of half - sleeve dress shirts uses pedal without a need of button.

Uses the world's best brand, SMC's parts.


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